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  1. It is true. and at the same time beautiful, trust easily to say hard to earn yet in this lifestyle this is a must. Incredible how in a BDSM relationship between D/S well there’s more respect trust passion, and even love then in a regular vanilla relationship. I’m not a sub but from what I have read, there is this incredible connection between dom and sub. A connection a bond between two that in seconds become one in a vanilla relationship that’s really hard to find, you can easily see a unicorn, then see this perfect connection between two souls, in a regular relationship. To trust someone with your body mind heart and soul is to become one with that person, and that is something not only beautiful but priceless.

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    • Very true. The must be a lot of trust if I am to submit to anyone. I have practiced pet play in real life and other forms of submission with a past girlfriend. We had the greatest connection where we knew what we needed and wanted, often not needing to speak or hear a command to just do it.

      People often misunderstand the D/S relationship as abusive yet it is far from abusive when correctly done. Most of the power is actually in the hands of the submissive. The guidance I give to anyone looking at going into a submissive roleplay in either their real life or virtual life, is that should they ever find their voice denied and forced to do anything no matter how much they protest, that is an abusive relationship, not D/S.

      Our relationships are of a strong bond and if you can gain my trust and get into my mind, then and only then will you see the things I will let you do to me. 🙂


  2. So very true and the very reason my D/s relationship didn’t last very long. We now are very close friends and often discuss this very subject so that he doesn’t make the same mistake with his next sub.


  3. This is so obvious, but yet so misunderstood by many of the Doms I have come across in the online community. Just because a person subs not mean that that a Dom has the right to pick you like a can of beans in a supermarket.


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