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  2. I love your writing. Answers so many questions for me.
    I do have a question. Why the term who’re instead of slut? I know I personally have issues with the word so I’m trying to understand how men see the word. To me, it makes me feel dirty in a bad way vs. slut, used in the right context, brings out the good dirty girl.
    Thanks in advance!


    • There’s a huge difference between being A bad girl, A whore or A slut and being MY bad girl, MY slut or MY whore… Also, the context matters. In public and in private life, she is my respected and cherished Queen. In the bedroom, she is my naughty fucktoy…

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      • True. As I said it’s mostly my hang up with the word whore. I guess it’s something to be desensitized to in the right relationship. Without the respected Queen prior to being the naughty whore can cause negative feelings.
        Thanks for your quick response and thought provoking writing.

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  3. Just amazing and in awe.
    On & off I’ve read many over your posts over the past year, never commented before. I read this in an Uber on my way home. I was so highly aroused I couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides getting home where I could be alone. 😉
    My story, like most, is long and complicated, but I am no longer with my owner of the past 6+ years. The one who made me lung and desire to be his slut and fucktoy, a name I claimed proudly. We met randomly one night playing craps at a casino I don’t think it was more then 2-3 hours before we ran off and got a room. It was the best and most amazing sex I had ever & not by lack of it. What I didn’t realize until later is Not only did he use & please me well, but he owned me from that night on. More experienced then I in general of the LS He led the way from there. Our lustfilled relationship passionately grew together as well as my extreme submission.
    No without my only Master I am lost. And gravely amazed by all the men who claim to be Dom and are actually clueless of what both of us needs, gives, receives and why.
    So Thank You!!! for being such an amazing Dom and sharing your wonderful stories and insight. I’ve shared your blogs with 2 men dying for them to be what I needed and so they could understand and grasp what a sub is, needs and why. They were clueless and a lost cause, not because of your direction and advice.

    Desperately Seeking…


    • KK Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you found a purpose for my writing. Your “Build a Dom” approach will only work with confident, take charge men. You cannot make a Beta male into an Alpha…

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