12 comments on “Monogamy: The Kinkiest Fetish

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  2. Your writing is spot on… Here is my question.Sustainability of D/s over a long term relationship. 5 years in it wiyld appear my wonderfully kinky D, has turned more domineering and fucus on his gratification alone. I am a professional women, with a Master’s. Initially we balanced well wirh mutual respect, and great kinky, tied up, gratifying sex, including long sessions of pleasing him as well. Now the mutual sex as died to pleasuring him only, and he wants me to adk permission for any activity outside work, and even some extra work things. He also does not like my use of cell ph, which is how I keep in touch with adult children, grands, and friends. I moved a considerable distance away to live with him. I never relinguished my role as a professional in the work force. I want to understand possible why he has changed so much from our original kink life style that was sexually based, not based on my inability to think, work. have connections. Any thoughts?


  3. Energy is the key to sustainability. Both players need to have their glass of energy refilled by their partner. Otherwise, the giver’s glass eventually goes dry. Then the relationship begins to breakdown. Ask him why he no longer feels your needs to be fulfilled. Ask him why he has become insecure and controlling. Ask him why he things changed after you moved…

    He seems to feel he can mail it in now that you have made major life changes for him.


  4. This article was wonderful. I enjoy reading all your articles, but this one hit home a little too hard. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these articles.


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