4 comments on “Breaking News: COVID19 Cure Found!

  1. Sad that you find this something to joke about. Recently my partner list her uncle, aunt and grandmother over just three days. A work colleague lost her mother last night, ten days after she developed symptoms and was isolated. She was alone for those ten days – the family separated from her for the entire period.
    Shame on you for thinking it is something to joke about.
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    • I am sorry you don’t see the need for mental health is this pandemic. I don’t think that we need to ban humour while following Public Health recommendation and and social distancing protocol. These are not mutually exclusive. It’s a shame that someone with medic in there screen name doesn’t realize that. Shame on you

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  2. Hmm, funny isn’t it that they come up with a cure, yet nothing for cancer, i still am waiting for how and who survived this new cure… still nothing… excited… i would rather do the blow job its safer heheh


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