Achieving Squirting G-Spot Orgasms

Due to the other articles I have written about female arousal and multiple orgasms, several people have asked me to instruct them how to give squirting G-spot orgasms. Instead of writing it out in a detailed written description, here is an excellent instructional videos… A couple of videos is worth a millions words.

VIDEO: How To Achieve G-spot Orgasms[]
VIDEO: How To Make A Chick Squirt – []


Tips for G-spot Beginners:

  • Although mastering the G-spot technique is important to success, the bigger factor is female mental arousal. The brain is our largest sex organ. If your mind is highly aroused (lots of attraction, lots of anticipation/flirting and lots of foreplay), your body will be extremely sexually responsive when you try to have G-spot orgasms using the technique. You may want to read following articles about mental arousal: Pre-Foreplay: Arouse the Mind First, The Body Follows Eagerly (
  • Triggering a submission response is the key to intense female mental arousal. Try placing your left hand gently on your partner’s throat. This will trigger a submission response and an intense sexual arousal for most women. For additional ideas about submission triggers, refer to Switching Into “sub mode”: What Are Your Submissive Triggers?(
  • There are 2 phases of G-spot orgasms: (1) gently massaging of the G-spot to arouse & engorge the urethral sponge, (2) triggering ejaculation by thrusting my fingers against the G-spot. During phase 2, I have found that if I am somewhat rougher and faster with my thrusting technique to the point I am slapping the clit with my palm as I finger my partner’s G-spot, triggering a G-spot orgasm much faster.
  • Most women say they experience a sensation SIMILAR to the need to urinate when their G-spot is being stimulate. This usually freaks out a beginner and makes her tense up to stop the sensation. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PEE!! You need to remain relaxed and just let it happen in order to squirt.
  • If you are struggling to achieve G-spot orgasms, try using a blindfold. The elimination of sight heightens the other senses such as touch, hearing and smell which puts a sub into her mind. Secondly, hold a wand vibe firmly against the clit simultaneously as you perform the G-spot technique with your fingers.
  • When you first achieve a squirting G-spot orgasm, DON’T STOP. Have your partner just keep going. The best time to give a woman an orgasm is immediately after she had her first… Your body with just keep squirting and squirting and squirting…
  • To increase your sexual responsiveness and orgasmic intensity, I highly recommend you try using Ben Wa balls or Kegel Exercisers for 1-2 hours every night. Wear them while doing exercise or house work. These sex toys will strengthen your pelvic floor. These sex toys improve the power and intensity of your sexual response to stimulation.

Notes for Solo G-Spot Orgasms:

  • If you want to experience G-spot orgasms but don’t have a partner, I recommend you consider purchasing a G-spot vibe or a curved G-spot glass dildo or curved stainless steel dildo (i.e nJoy Pure Wand, nJoy Eleven). All of these are very effective at evoking multiple G-spot orgasms during solo play.

Enjoy and have fun everyone….

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3 comments on “Achieving Squirting G-Spot Orgasms

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  2. Thank you for specifying the type of dildo. i am constantly recommending glass to others and surprised how few people use it. Very informative, as always.


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