Breast Worship: Seizing the Keys to the Sexual Kingdom…

It is interesting how early sexual experiences imprint themselves onto your brain forever. Some lessons you never quite forget…

Safe On Second Base But Waved Into Home Base…

In high school I had a wonderful girlfriend. She was sweet, thoughtful and loving but she came from a very conservative family so premarital sex was a big NO NO! Being a respectful, polite young man, I was cool with it and never pushed the issue of sex with her.

One evening we were at the drive-in on a date (Yes I am that freaking old). She straddled me in the front seat of my car and began to make out during the movie. As you can imagine things got a little hot and heavy. She reminded me, we couldn’t have sex which I was cool with because I didn’t want her to get in trouble with her folks. (Yes, I was actually a good/polite young man growing up – shocking I know). I slowly kissed her neck then slowly undid her blouse. She was quite slim with tiny waist and lovely full breasts (32D) so I made a move to second base. Soon her bra was off and I was kneading her breasts together as I greedily sucked and licked both her very erect nipples in unison. I was quite happy not going any further than kissing her and sucking on her breasts… I was pretty damn happy on 2nd base and wasn’t even looking to steal 3rd base…

Suddenly, everything changed. I could feel her start to grind and gyrate her crotch on my hard cock in my jeans and hear her breathing becoming suddenly very deep and labored. I squeezed her breasts together then rapidly ran my tongue and lips over both her nipples then sucked her nipple really hard into my mouth. She let out a really deep moan then she went crazy. In about 10 seconds she jumped into the backseat and was completely naked clawing to get my jeans off so she could suck my cock… In a blur we were humping each other like two crazed teenagers… because we were. Thank God I had condoms with me (Boy scouts are always be prepared).

So… what went through my tiny male mind was “Hmmm… That’s weird… I thought she didn’t want to have sex…”. (LMAO!) Did I mention the male brain is not that smart or observant and it definitely cannot make sense of women’s contradicting behavior?

Afterward, we were naked and cuddling in the backseat under a blanket, when my curiosity about her erratic & confusing behavior got the better of me… I asked, “So…What just happened here? I thought you didn’t want to have sex…” She sheepishly said, “I was fine with us making out but then when you started sucking my nipples intensely, then my entire body went crazy…. You were making my pussy spasm and my brain go nuts. I had no choice… I had to give you the keys to the kingdom”

Eureka!!! My very first sexual epiphany as a young man.

“You only really need to make it to 2nd base then worship the the Hell out of her breasts and she will wave you into home base…

I never forgot the simple lesson that spending lots of time worshiping a woman’s breasts absolutely drives them wild for sex.


Biology class and the Internet later taught me that the brain, nipples, clit and the uterus were neurologically wired together which completely explained the huge wet stain on the crotch of my jeans where she was grinding her wet pussy on my cock while we were making out. Voila, now I actually understood what happened and why…

It also explains why some women can experience orgasms through stimulation of the breasts. By sucking, squeezing and licking breasts with intensity, many women can feel their uterus tightening and spasm as they approach orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

Don’t Other Men Love Breasts Too?

So as an adult male I am really confused. Many adult women I have dated are absolutely shocked by how much time and attention I love to give to their breasts during foreplay. They love all the attention and it really turns them on but it seems like very few other men pay that level of attention to their breasts as part of foreplay… WTF?

I love breasts of all kinds. I thought all men were obsessed by breasts like me. Why don’t more men spend the time pleasuring breasts during foreplay? Don’t we all know it’s how we seize the “Keys to the Kingdom”?

Bonus Materials: Breasts Worship Worship 101

  • Achieving Breast Orgasms: To start, first grasp a breast with both hands. Squeeze forcefully at the base until the nipple becomes engorged, erect and aroused. While still gripping the breasts with both hands, start lightly biting, twisting, pulling or sucking deeply on her erect nipple to generate serious sparks that go straight to her clit, pussy, & uterus. Try alternating breast slapping or nipple slapping with any of these breast stimulation techniques, you can bring most women very close to orgasm with breasts stimulation. Adding gentle clitoral stimulation will push them over the edge.
  • The Best Position: The very best position/location I have found for breast worship is the cowgirl position on the couch. This position leaves my hands and my mouth free to kiss, caress her body, worship her breasts or grab her ass. It also puts her in the driving seat to set the tempo and motion of our love making to freely express her desire. She is also able to grind clit into my pelvic bone as she approaches climax.

Translating Sexual Baseball Euphemisms for Non- North Americans:

I want to apologize to everyone in the Europe or Australiasia who read this articles and did not understand the North American baseball references as they relate to sex. In North America, we often describe the progression towards reaching sexual intercourse in terms of the bases of a baseball diamond.

  • 1st Base – Kissing/Making Out/Snogging
  • 2nd Base – Breasts Play
  • 3rd Base – Oral Sex/Heavy Petting/Mutual Masturbation
  • Home Base – Sexual Intercourse

Disclaimer: All Women Are Unique

I am forced to remind you that all women are unique sexually and what works for one women may not work for others. So before you dive into full breast worship mode, ask your partner if she likes it or not first – Some like it soft, some like it rough and some not at all… Let’s be safe out there…
With great knowledge come power, with great power come great responsibility. Use this information for doing good in the world, not evil. Have lots of naughty fun. ;D

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8 comments on “Breast Worship: Seizing the Keys to the Sexual Kingdom…

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  2. Do men also enjoy breast play? I don’t think we (female) give very much attention to them as a generality in foreplay. As you mentioned it depends on your partner.


    • Being a male, personally it can be a turn on having a woman tease and suck my nipples, but I don’t feel its anywhere near intense enough to stimulate an orgasm. if it turns her on, it turns me on is my thoughts. Also a woman’s breasts are so much more made for sucking and worshiping, soft and creamy with that special nipple surprise, where my chest is firm from the gym, but if kitty wants to dig her claws in sucking and dragging her dirty little tongue over them….beautiful.


    • To be honest, I think it also depends on what time of the month it may be for the chick…sometimes it’s good,….. sometimes it’s bad,…and sometimes it’s just so right you’re a hairs breadth away from climax.

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  3. I’m so thankful my husband does partake in breast worship. In previous relationships I was always let down in that department. And now I’ve got my husband to include breast/nipple slapping and it drives me wild.


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