Masculine Hand on a Feminine Throat: Universal Sub Arousal

For me, placing my hand on a woman’s throat is never about choking or breath play at all. It is about deep intimacy and incredible trust. I love to place my left hand on my sub’s throat firmly but gently. It is a very vulnerable and fragile place on her delicate body that which requires great trust and caring to ensure she is not injured in any way. Every time I have placed my hand on the throat of a woman, I have felt her entire body physically submit to me.

By Simply Placing His Hands On Her Throat Makes Her Melt Into A Puddle..

By Simply Placing His Hands On Her Throat Makes Her Melt Into A Puddle..

She melts to my desires and to my control over her body instantly. I can literally feel her body melt and feel her switching into “sub mode” mentally. Clearly there is some common psychological response button on most submissive women that triggers that full-body submission response when a masculine hand is placed on her throat…

If you have ever watched a Momma dog discipline a pup, she will grab him with her mouth by the neck, hold him to the ground till he submits and lies still. It is a simple and clear way for her communicate her displeasure with his behaviour. The primitive “lizard” part of our brains instinctively knows that control of the neck forces us to instantly submit…

The neck is a control point – a flimsy, fragile mechanism to support a heavy skull and large brain where major blood vessels and critical neural impulses travel to/from our bodies to our brains. Once we lose control of the neck, the battle is over…

For every woman (submissive & Alpha submissive) I have subdued by grasping their stunningly feminine necks, they have all become extremely aroused during sex and they have also mentioned after sex what an extreme turn on they found it to have my hands on their neck.

Warnings & Disclaimers:

  • * Do not attempt this with a new or occasional partner. This move requires a great deal of trust, familiarity and intimacy. Women mentally choose the males they are willing to submit to. If she does not trust you deeply, you will fail. If you don’t heed this warning, you may be face with the “Fight” response from her inner Amazon Warrior. You must discuss this move with a partner before attempting it. It can be a surprise in the moment but only if has been discussed prior and its within her limits.
  • * Do NOT attempt this with non-submissive women (Domme or switch). Most Domme women just HATE this. If you foolishly attempt this on any woman with a Domme or Warrior tendency, you will have you ass handed to you. You have been duly warned. You must discuss this move with a partner before attempting it to get approval.

Bonus Kinkiness:

  • If you want to truly ramp up the erotic power of this move to the next level, grasp her throat gently then slowly kiss your way up her neck towards her ear. When you reach her ear, whisper what you plan to do to her body & mind for the next few hours… That will get her mind racing and her juices flowing like crazy!! Refer to my earlier article – Licking Your Brain: The Art of Talking Dirty (
  • The second level is to own her sexually and mentally as she reaches orgasm. While grasping her throat firmly in your left hand, force her to stare into your eyes. Deep eye contact is intensely arousing as discussed in my article “The Primal Power of Eye Contact” ( Maintain a steady, hungry stare into her eyes as you command her to open her legs wide for you. Then roughly slide your fingers into her pussy by pulling her panties aside without removing them. Stare deeply into her eyes as you finger fuck her hard enough that your palm is slapping her clit. Her orgasm will be incredibly intense with your hand on her throat and staring into her eyes.

Would you be turned on if your male partner placed his hand on your throat? Why does this turn you on so much?

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38 comments on “Masculine Hand on a Feminine Throat: Universal Sub Arousal

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  2. I WILL DEFINITELY have my partner read this post! I’m a domme by nature. Although by the way you describe in detail this process I would defiantly be willing to give it a try. Thanks for enlightening me. Your #1 fan.

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  4. Eye contact is very deeply erotic. I recall a guy that stared at me that way while he fucked me, drove me crazy. The hand on my throat would have only made it that much hotter. Thanks for sharing your articles.


  5. I love a dominant hand on my neck. I think you have it right by comparing it to animals biting the neck. I like a gentle hold, but at times I actually like a tighter almost choking grip. But I am very careful about that for obvious reasons.

    You are right—this move is always something that should be discussed up front. This area of my body controls my ability to breathe– you don’t just take it

    But after consent—OMG, sooo hot!


  6. I liken this to how felines mate. Ever seen that? The male will mount and bite the back of the female’s neck to control her and subdue her until he has had his way. I think this is a very primal, instinctual response for both male and female that humans have since dismissed as barbaric. To get back in touch with that and allow that primal feeling with a partner you can trust can be very erotic.


  7. My new lady likes me to hold her throat, and when I increase the pressure of my grip a bit she moans. This post of yours gave me insight into a new experience (for me) and gave me some ideas. Thanks for the informative viewpoint.


  8. I too find this enormously arousing. It is almost as if I feel the rest of the World just slip away….and as my Master stares into my eyes I am overcome with an animal lust I have never felt before. The chemistry/connection is so intense. 😊


  9. OH FUCK YES! The eye contact the hand on the throat BEST. FEELING. EVER. I remember the first time my Dom did this I was like “reme-em-em-em-em-em” instant sub mode


  10. There is nothing sexier and more intense than a strong man’s hand on my throat while he stares into my eyes and tells me what he has planned for me. For me it symbolizes my ultimate surrender and devotion to him.

    I love how you describe it so vividly. Thank you. You must be the Dom of my dreams. I am praying that I will meet someone like you. /your devoted fan from Norway.


  11. This is how I discovered my submissive side. A lover that I had known for several years, out of the blue gently placed his hand on my throat from behind and I instantly had an orgasm. It surprised me that I enjoyed this so much and thus began my search on why. I now have a wonderful Dom who can handle this Alpha sub and our relationship is growing beautifully.

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  12. Mmm when He places His hand on my throat I always orgasm. Coupled with Him saying…mine. There is no sweeter peace. I almost hate it when He removes His hand.


  13. Absolutely not.
    Possible Alpha Sub/Vixen, Definitely Amazon Warrior/Defense Class participant/Violent Assault Survivor. Keyword is Survivor. That needs to be included in your Warning list. Female Subs can be survivors of violence, Alpha Subs can be Active Military/Former Military, martial arts instructors, public safety officers, EMTs, from all walks of life that speak of the potential for personal physical violence. Our human bodies have longer memories than our minds oftentimes. Make sure you attempt first contact if granted in a non sexual clothes on learning touch boundaries manner.

    Example: If you are my long time relationship partner, if you are kneeling behind me, or standing in front of me, and you first touch me on the arm, waist or shoulder with one arm, while lifting my hair away from my neck, nuzzle my neck with a scrape of teeth, I might consider a shoulder bite. All these stated actions are good/safe. I like murmured conversation near my ears. I like shoulder bites. I like teeth scraping. I like the word “mine” within certain contexts. I like touch by the trusted person. I like innovation. Anticipation within normal parameters is good.

    Wrap your fingers around my neck even gently, and you will be trying to remove your balls from your nasal cavity for the next month. Crowding by using a much stronger bigger male body to dominate a smaller female can be an issue that raises those feelings as well. It’s often used by bullies of the male species.

    Please first ascertain with a partner these red flags: domestic/relationship partner violence, verbal abuse, can also be linked back to the bullying technique of crowding, family of origin violence, and what kinds of residual body memory a partner carries. It can take years for a person to be comfortable in having a new partner touch their neck in a comforting or sexual manner. I’ve worked up to comforting. I’m never going to be on board with the hand wrapping.

    I don’t care who the hell you are. A person only needs to have someone try to kill them once by strangulation, no matter your actual D/s understanding and that action simply cannot be part of a loving trusting relationship. Fighting for the breath of life will always take precedence.

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    • thank you for this!!! I don’t consciously remember any neck trauma, but my evidence that I cannot handle anything pressing against my throat is that when I was being taught a front squat and a male trainer tried to push the bar farther back into my throat, I burst into terrified tears…. yeah no, no throat action for me! and that came out of the blue. Thanks for this comment!


  14. I love it when my love places his hand over my throat – I need to find a way to properly convey to him specifically how I like it


  15. I’ve just recently experienced this and I’m a 34 year old woman. Each time it’s happened I feel turned on in a completely different way than I ever have been before and I actually find myself thinking that I want him to do it harder. It might sound weird but I feel connected to him in a different way when he grabs my throat like he does and then most times it feels like it’s followed with really soft touching which drives me insane. It’s like the grabbing of my throat and the soft touching so close together sends me over the edge. It actually makes me feel really safe as well. I’m not sure why but it does.


  16. I love having my neck bitten, my throat held almost to choking, just causing enough pressure to feel his power over me, he holds my arm above my head while he squeezes my breast with his other hand. He is amazing at dominating me, and pulls my hair sucks my boobs hard, i like to feel totally his, under his power he can do what he wants to me and i trust him totally. I even try to make him punish me, we have only been together for 2 months, and i want him to spank me hard like in 50 shades. I like him pushing and pulling me exactly where he wants me, pushing my legs open with his hands, he has me on the edge to the point of my body shaking and i am wimpering but in a pleasurable but painful way, he always hurts me and says sorry after, my neck is hurting from the biting today, but it was soo amazing at the time. Why do i like being over powered and feeling almost like he is forcing himself on me, even though we both know he has consent. He seems to like doing it too and its the way he feels about me he says, he says he hasn’t been like this with anyone else before, we seem to have a really powerful connection.

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  17. Mmmmm. Nothing drops me faster than to feel that warm pressure right above my windpipe as lips and teeth burn up the side of my neck *shivers* Getting wet just thinking about it.


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  19. I m not sure about it. I guess ir might with my partner if i really trusted him. A guy i just met not so long before try holding my wrist didnt let go when i pull gently. I couldnt help myself growling at him and putting him on the floor, i have pretty violent reflex but with the right person i would try i love mouth or bite on the neck that i know provock the same reaction well ever getting me wild or totally jelly depending.


  20. I am a Domme and can/do Switch with the *right* Dom. And I agree that a Dom should not “try this” (hand on the throat) with a Domme who was not Switched for him. Absolutely be open to taking about this if you are courting an Alpha Female Domme/Switch… some of us have a freaky wild sub who just needs the *right* hand on her throat to flip her switch and make her melt into submission.

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