Mindfucking: Creating Heightened Orgasms During Sensual Domination

Have you ever wondered why sex in public results in such crazy intense orgasms?? Quite simply fear and danger. The chance that you will be discovered doing your dirty deeds in public by an innocent onlooker or passerby. This danger or fear of discovery puts your brain in a heightened state of sexual arousal resulting in wonderful mind-blowing orgasms.

There are three different external triggers that create these heighten sexual states:

  • Anticipation or Nervousness (Timeframe: Over Hours or Days): Sexual anticipation of seeing someone special creates a heightened state of sexual arousal based on lots of mental arousal over several days leading up to the meeting event.
  • Fear & Danger (Timeframe: Within Minutes) This is the case of heightened sexual response due to the danger of discovery during public sex. You can also create this effect by pushing someone’s sexual boundaries or limits by making them do something wild, naughty or unexpected that puts them suddenly off-balance.
  • Shock, Surprise and/or Pain (Timeframe: Instantaneous) A sudden smack on the ass or a twist of her engorged nipples or a slap of her pussy/clit or grasping her by the throat. These are all events that no sub anticipates and they all instantly cause a heightened state of sexual arousal.

As a Dom, you can easily weave all of these kinds of heightened sexual arousal techniques into any Domination scenario to mindfuck your submissive into experiencing the most intense orgasms of her life. To illustrate how to use heightened sexual states in Sensual Domination, imagine a simple lunch with a new submissive for your first face-to-face meeting.

The process of triggering the anticipation and nervousness heightened sexual response is related to “Pre-foreplay”. I have written several blog articles about the concept of “Pre-foreplay”, the idea of building up intense sexual anticipation within a submissive by giving her various tasks to complete over several days in preparation for a face-to-face meeting. The basic is goal of “Pre-foreplay” is to make your submissive so mentally aroused and nervous before you ever touch her physically that she practically explodes when sexually stimulated (i.e. actual foreplay). Along with not allowing her to pleasure herself in any way for many days in advance of the meeting event, ensures that she will be literally boiling over with sexual arousal and mental anticipation.

To trigger the fear and danger heightened sexual response at lunch meeting, is quite simple. At the end of the meal while you wait for dessert and coffee to arrive, simply instruct your submissive that you want her to excuse herself from the table to leave for the Ladies’ Room to remove her panties. She is return to the table with her pussy and ass bare and fully accessible. She is to hide her wet panties in her clenched hand or in her purse. Upon returning to the table she is to slide her hand across the table with her wet panties to pass them to you. Because this kind of naughty, blatant sexual behaviour in public is completely contradictory to the “Good Girl” upbringing that most women experience growing up, it immediately pushes the taboo buttons for a heightened sexual response.

Triggering the shock, surprise or pain heightened sexual response is the most simple and instinctual for most Doms. As a general rule, during a domination session, all my submissives MUST ask permission to cum or be severely punished. Usually when a sub first asks for permission to cum, I refuse her immediately because I want the sexual pressure and urgency to build up in her body and genitals. I will generally refuse her her requests to cum a few times in a row to bring to the brink. When I finally hear the desperation in her voice as if she is at the very brink of losing full control of her body when she asks permission to cum, I will deliberately slap her pussy or clit or breasts or ass hard. This sudden intense pain is completely unexpected and will instantly cause her to lose full control over her body. At the same time it will trigger an intense heightened sexual response throughout her body. Due to immense amount of arousal and sexual tension that has been built up over several days and throughout lunch, the orgasms that results will be epic and will likely blow her mind.

Once she starts to cum, don’t stop stimulating her – force her to cum over and over and over. It will completely blow her mind and give her the powerful sexual experience of her life… And you will permanently release the “eager inner vixen” within her.

Please use this knowledge for good and not evil in this world. Enjoy…


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