Noun Sex: “Hot Button” Words That Ignite The Submissive Libido

Noun Sex:

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a highly sexual woman who can cum during cybersex. She can achieve mental orgasm through messaging online with her Dom. In fact, certain specific words make her incredibly aroused when spoken by her Dom but only by him. Some of her “Hot Button” words were “Mine” and “Good Girl”. They are both interesting and significant because they both express her deep need to be possessed and praised by the one who possesses her.

As a Dom, I get very aroused saying the phrase “Who is My dirty little slut?” or “Don’t you dare cum without permission!’ I love expressing ownership and control over my sub. In addition, “slut” or “whore” are two key “hot button” words for my libido. My libido goes wild because they are such taboo & context-sensitive words for most women. I would never say those terms outside the bedroom to any woman but in the bedroom with my partner, they take on a specific understood meaning. Most men avoid using them fearing the backlash if used in the wrong context whereas I find their taboo nature empowering and arousing.


  1. What specific words/phrases (spoken or written) spike up your libido?
  2. Can specific words/phrases push you to climax?

If you feel too exposed to discuss your personal “Hot Button” words in this public discussion, I would appreciate a private message from you. I can then share the information anonymously with everyone. Thank you for enriching the discussion and sharing of your highly personal experiences.

Examples of “Hot Button” words/phrase for Subs:
(Theses are actual “Hot Button” words anonymously compiled from private emails from numerous subs on FetLife)

  • Daddy
  • Mine / My ______
  • Toy / Pet / Naughty Girl / Kitten / Babygirl
  • Good girl / Good slut / Good pet / little one
  • Slut / Whore /Bitch / Cunt
  • Cockwhore / Cumslut / Fucktoy
  • “Who owns you?” / “Call me Sir”
  • “Who’s my naughty girl?”
  • “Whose pussy is this?” / “This pussy’s mine”
  • “Suck my cock like a slut!” / “Take that cock!” / “Take it now!”
  • “Cum for Me now!” / “Cum for Me kitten”
  • “You can’t come until I tell you” (whispered)
  • “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you” (whispered)
  • “Good girl, take this cock” (whispered)
  • “Do you like my cock in you” (whispered)
  • “My baby girl’s pussy is so good”
  • “My slutty little girl”
  • “My pretty bitch”
  • “You’re my precious little whore”
  • “You’re my beautiful slut”
  • “You’re my lovely cunt”
  • “Which hole shall I abuse first? Hmmm…”

Important Notes:

  • It is important to recognize that the emotional connection of the sub to the person saying the words is much more important than the words themselves. The words only have power because of who is saying them, their voice and the specific characteristic of their speech (tone, pace, accent, emphasis, etc.). The sub’s emotional connection gives the person’s words this power. The same words spoken by another person may be insulting or offensive.
  • These “Hot Button” words are unique to each sub’s mind. Specific words/phrases have power for that specific sub. Learning what specific words carry power for a sub is like understanding how to arouse the body of a woman. It is specific and unique just to her.
  • Some women also find there are some words/phrases that resonate strongly when spoken (“Call me Sir” or “You are such a Good Girl”) and others that resonate strongest whispered (“You can’t cum until I give you permission”).

Please comment or “LIKE” or “SHARE” this article… If this article raises questions in your mind, please post a comment for me. I look forward to discussing these ideas with like-minded people. If you want to stay informed of future writings, please subscribe to email notifications or Twitter.


58 comments on “Noun Sex: “Hot Button” Words That Ignite The Submissive Libido

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    • Hi there! In search of something new, I’ve encountered your blog. Very interesting. Don’t know what I’m looking for. In reading your page I would like to answer your question about what word/words that would ignite my libido…That would be, Traviesa (slang spanish) and Cochina (slang spanish). I would like to hear that spoken softly to me with a tender but strong voice. Just a fantasy though.


  2. Thank you for writing this, and you just hit it right on the spot! I think many, many women have ‘hot button words’, maybe some don’t even realize it. I definitely discovered mine with my life partner, who is also my Sir, and I’m very grateful for that.


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  4. Your my very, very good girl and I am going to reward you.
    I’m going to fill all your holes and make you mine.
    All listed apart from ”pretty bitch”


  5. Don’t move, don’t make a sound. I’m going to use my property. This isn’t for you it’s for me.
    ( tongue lightly exploring my ear and whispering) What i’m doing with my tongue to your ear, I’m going to do next to my pussy.
    My pussy, not yours, Mine
    Good girl
    Spread your legs
    Be still, don’t move, just feel….follow my finger
    I’ll penetrate my pussy when I’m ready, I’m in no hurry, I can stay hard doing this all night.
    Open for me
    Don’t think just feel
    I’ll tell you when you can cum and not before
    Cum now
    We aren’t done, my pussy has lots of orgasms it hasn’t given me yet
    when He’s away, “be sure you delight my pussy today”
    don’t move an inch, don’t make a sound

    sooo many more…

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  6. Mmmmm a wonderful list already. I’d also add the “property” concept along with telling me he’s going to “mark me” as visible proof.


    • These are all great…nothing gets me hotter than when my Mister says:
      youre MINE, my pussy
      Come sit on Daddy’s lap..
      (Whispers) little girl, I love your pussy.
      Wearing this leash is a privilege little girl.
      I want you to cum all over my cock little girl.
      Good girl
      I need you little one
      “I can’t wait to hold you close and by your neck, forcing my tongue inside your mouth…to pull your hair back and tell my Little girl how gorgeous she is every day and that she’s Mine”


  7. Me and my Sir are relatively new to this but He has always known me better than I know myself my “hot buttons” are:
    “Atta girl” followed by a wink
    Him tilting my head up and saying “One day I promise you, you wont be able to control yourself, with every word I say I’ll be in complete control of you.”
    “Be a good girl”
    “Bad little kitties need to be punished.”
    “Just like the puppy you are, leashed”
    “Today your body belongs to you but some day every cell will be mine”
    Him slightly and gently smudging white frosting over my face and saying “Thought I’d get a good look at what you’ll look like later”
    When He holds me down by my wrists and says “Tsk Tsk poor Mel, in such a vulnerable state. I’m gonna take advantage!”
    He has such a low, sexy voice that He sounds older than He is!

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  8. Most of those are mine as well ❤ just to add a few:
    "Oh my sexy cat I just want to fuck you to the inth degree"
    "Little puppy"
    "Bad girl kitten."
    *covert domination* *whispered in my ear or hushed voice* "when we get home I wanna just ____________"
    Every night before bed, "Oh little buddy make sure that magnificent and delectable pussy of yours and mine (of course) wet and pleasured before listening to your sleep track babe"


  9. Wow I forgot my other language ones
    Miststück (Bitch) (Miss-shtuuk)
    Schlampe (Slut) (sh-Lampeh)
    Hure (whore) (hhure)
    Meine junge Kitty (My young kitty) (mine younga kitty)
    Kostbares kleines Mädchen (Precious young girl) (coast-baras klein-as maid-chen)
    wer mein kleiner Freund ist (my little buddy) (were mine klein-er froind ist)

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  10. I have to admit, when I first met my dom, I was a little taken back, but, now just his voice as well as certain things he says, I get tingling. Quite a few good ones on this list. These are some he says that work for me.
    Good Girl
    Don’t you cum
    You’re Mine
    That ass is mine
    Who owns you?

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  11. Love the article. I have been getting re-aquainted with the Dom world. I has dated some Dom men & loved it! Been many yes since I went there until I met this man seeking out a Sub that wanted a Dom. I was emdiately intrigued & loved the verbiage he exuded such as: “little one”, “Good girl”, I want u to be my property etc…I was so aroused. He said it so softly in this wisper with a demanding tone it shook me to the core!! Oh how I love it! Very interesting how these “Hot Buttons” can work like majic. Thx for the awesome article!


  12. Love the article. I have been getting re-aquainted with the Dom world. I have dated some Dom men & loved it! Been many yrs since I went there until I met this man seeking out a Sub that wanted a Dom. I was emdiately intrigued & loved the verbiage he exuded such as: “little one”, “Good girl”, I want u to be my property etc…I was so aroused. He said it so softly in this wisper with a demanding tone it shook me to the core!! Oh how I love it! Very interesting how these “Hot Buttons” can work like majic. Thx for the awesome article!


  13. Researching for a book that may or may not be printed ever. I write for myself. These are amazing! I promise not to use them, just reading them ignites my imagination. Thank you for this blog and your twitter presence. I really like the picture of the “Kiss me…” I never thought of it that way but that’s a hot button for me. The best part of researching anything is learning more about yourself.


  14. I love it when Daddy calls me Kitten, Babygirl, and Princess. I love it when He tells me this is His pussy, and He commands me to play with His pussy while He is at work. I love it when He shoves His cock down my throat, and when He sees that I am getting better at deep throating, he tells me I am a good girl. Or when He is fucking me, and He calls me His dirty little whore, His slave, His fuck toy, and He tells me He owns me. I love it when He uses terms of ownership and possession. When He tells me He will do anything He wants to me, because I am His, and I trust Him enough to know He would never break my hard limits!


  15. Any time Sir calls me “Pet,” I get a little turned on. If I question an order, a quick “Problem, Pet?” will get me wet in a hurry.

    “Look into my eyes”…followed by “come for me” is also super hot.


  16. Mmmm all very good words and phrases. I’m one of the lucky ones who is extremely sensitive and who can cum multiple times without being touched. I’m a new sub with a dominant spirit so I am a handful for my Dom. We both love it. We are long distance right now but his voice alone sets me off. And when he whispers threats like “Get your toy now. I want to take my ass.” “Take is now, my Demon Queen” OMG. And when he says “You’re mine, I own you” it drives me crazy. I am to reply with “Yes, Beast”. Sometimes he commands “Scream for me, baby, I love to hear you cum” and I can’t help but do. If I’m a good girl, he allows me to hear him cum and the sound sends me over the edge again. I am allowed to be naughty to some degree in chats with his supervision but he has rules that I must follow. He is very alpha male and will not tolerate another male trying to infringe. His sensual whispers and threats absolutely torture me. Even when I’ve been bad and receive punishment. When all is over, he soothes me with soft, gentle words and may even reward me sensually for having had to learn the hard way. I should have done this a long time ago. I am so hooked.


  17. Yes! This! The power of a few words is amazing. Pet names, spoken seductively, are a trigger for me. “Baby” is common but has the power to set my blood on fire. Not a casual, “Hey, Babe” but a deep, whispered “Baby.” “Honey”, “Doll,” and “Princess” are nice as well. I love the possession of “Mine” and “I need you.” Of course I’m not crucial for existence, but knowing that I am needed in that moment for his sexual gratification…Yes, please.


  18. Oh for a dom who can possess my mind first and foremost I will have many trigger words. I too have a powerful mind and have been able to reach maximum arousal and orgasm with just words, it does take a very special connection .

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  19. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. Growing up, my vision was poor enough that I didn’t always trust what I saw, so I focused on what I heard, or felt. An interesting side effect is that I am more likely to be aroused by someone’s voice, and the words they choose, than my anything else. The first time my partner held me down and whispered what he wanted to do to me, I was completely lost. He barely touched me and I orgasmed. Possessive words always get a rise out of me. Being reminded that I’m HIS cumslut, HIS cocksucking little slut, etc. have been known to render me speechless. A low growl in my ear as his hands play over my skin, while his mouth licks, kisses, and bites my neck is guaranteed to make my body sing and my brain turn into pudding.
    Of course, the words a lover chooses also tell you a great deal about him, his desires, his needs, his creativity, and intelligence. Pacing, tone, and cadence can indicate his state of arousal, his interest, patience, and where his triggers might be. I love being seduced with words. Brains are my favorite aphrodisiac.

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  20. So glad I found this I am new to this but when master calls me his slutty little whore or whispers keep that cunt wet I have an orgasim on the spot. I thought it was just me.


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  22. Thank you. I didn’t realise how much sound/speech impacted on me until recently. My photographer has the most erotic male voice I’ve ever heard. When he wants to elicit sexual emotion from me during a shoot he starts mentioning “tentacles” which are a thing for me. Works every damn time.


  23. Yummmm…what a delicious list, especially “Which hole shall I abuse first?” growled into my ear…add a strong hand around my throat and I’ll do anything Daddy wants. Mmmm…melting with naughty thoughts…


  24. I love your open minded convincing, sexual mindset champ, your right about words that ignite ones inner seductive, sub side.
    MIRC, 1980 SOMETHING, if a sub or a dom feels those tones that only you get.. then life is sweet.
    Self belief of how one know deeply will always connect smoothly with the right minded sexual soul.
    Deeper it goes, its hard to put into letters
    On a blog.. i commend your patience.
    Btw, I bet your a troll and your names is Oz ha!


  25. This article is very interesting and it is true that women respond to sound during the sex act and words that arouse. When my Dom sends me a text and says “Good morning Lady” iI immediately inhale sharply and close my eyes. I can picture him and hear his voice. And when we are together he will remind me by grabbing between my legs and looking into my eys and say” This belongs to me. Mine to devour and give pleasure” Those words get me extremely aroused and my libibo spikes exponentially.


  26. I agree wholeheartedly that certain words or phrases can trigger arousment. I know personally, being told “you’re mine, good girl, come here, and who’s is it” among tons and tons more are definitely great triggers. I’m also sapiosexual, so if a guy especially a Dom can intrigue my mind before my body, by the time my body catches up I’m already ready to cum. It really does depend on the Dom too though. Some tend to be intimidated almost by having the courage to use their big boy words to us. Which isn’t an insecurity, it’s getting to know their submissive. But when the Dom can truly seduce and dominate your mind body and soul, you truly have it made.


  27. Thanks for the ideas. I love the “I can do whatever the fuck I want to you” by him. Makes me remember who I belong to


  28. As a Sensual Femme Domme who is exploring her *Switch* to Submissive Vixen, there are words and phrases that REALLY flip my Switch:
    My pretty lil girl / Slut
    My naughty Babygirl / Slut
    Good girl / slut
    Such a good Bitch / Slut
    “My pretty bitch”
    “Call me Sir”
    “Call me Daddy”
    “Who’s my naughty lil girl?”
    “Whose pussy is this?” / “This pussy is mine”
    “Take my cock!”
    “Cum for Me Baby”
    “Yes! That’s a good girl, cum for me, Baby” (this one drives me WILD) (whispered is even BETTER)
    “You can’t come until I let you” (whispered)
    “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you” (whispered)
    “Good girl, take this cock” (whispered)
    “Do you like my cock in you” (whispered)
    “My baby girl’s pussy is so good”
    “You’re my beautiful Babygirl”
    I don’t like humiliation or degradation so there are triggers that completely turn me off.
    My Dom understands that these words do not resonate with me:
    and combinations of words or phrases with these words in them.
    I appreciate your perspective about how words & phrases can be positive -OR- negative triggers.
    Arousing a sub’s intellectual and primal brains with language is a very important part of sensual domination since the brain is our greatest and most creative erogenous zone.
    Thank you for your wisdom on this subject!
    ~ Lady Scarlet

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  29. Hypnosis and visual, audio, tactile stimulation begins every session. He keeps me in a highly sexually charged completely altered state. It’s euphoric, numbing while all my senses come alive at the same time, hyper aware of all my senses. Fuzzy. Much less able to be defiant or fight back. I’m addicted to this euphoria. Now he is able to establish deep rapport very quickly over the phone with in an incredibly tense way. I’m extremely language and word oriented. I’m a logophile. I can’t come in command yet, but I won’t be surprised when I do.

    My sensual sadist dom told me a had to make a video of me fucking myself. I hiked down through a very isolated creeks in the woods and fucked myself really hard with a beautiful lightly jagged stick. It filled me. I used no lube so the bark was exquisite. In the video I show him the wet end of the stick. I had made myself squirt without help for the very first time and you could see it in the crevices of the sticks end. There was also a beautiful spot of blood on it. Now he uses the phrase “ stick blood” to get me instantly aroused and he uses it as command code for me to have to go out somewhere and fuck myself while I video tape it. This world is brand new to me. I’m exhilarated. I’ve found my home. Thank you for this article


    • The medical safety of a submisdive is paramount to me. I would never recommend inserting a stick into your vagina. The chance of abrasions and infection is far too high.

      Part of the BDSM code is safe, sane and consensual. Please be careful and safe. No sexual thrill is worth a medical issue or physical injury.

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  30. What are some hot button words or sounds for you as a dominate that when your baby girl says them gets you more aroused or puts you even more into a dominate mood, (not that you aren’t always dominate)?


    • Great question! I can only speak for myself as a Dominant…

      I have three different modes as a man; my “Normal Mode” is what everyone sees in public and at work. You may get that I am calm and very confident but you may not suspect I am Dominant.

      The second is “Dominant Mode”: My eyes go dark, I stare like a hungry wolf and my voice drops an octave. My voice is calm but very commanding. “Remove your panties now and place them on the table for the waiter to see…”

      I have a very dark side I would call my “Primal Mode” that two levels more intense than my “Dominant Mode”: it’s like a different level of arousal where I am so turned on the my cock become harder, longer and thicker. My cock is so hard that I can fuck furiously without ever cumming and I have an out-of-body euphoric experience fucking.

      To achieve “Primal Mode”, I want to hear my submissive express her dirtiest, sluttiest, wanton desires:
      – Make me your filthy anal whore
      – Fuck me harder… Bruise my cervix so feel you for days…
      – Cover me with your hot cumload… Cum on my face and tits. Makes me a filthy slutty mess…
      – Fuck me against the windows so your neighbors see me being use as your whore
      – Make me your fucktoy. Do anything you want to my body tonight…
      – Fuck me like you own my ass…
      – I want to be your cumslut. Daddy feed me you cock right here, right now…

      There’s much more… Does that give you a flavour of what turns me on as a Dominant?



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