The Primal Power of Eye Contact

There was a time when I used to think mirrors in the bedroom were kind of sleazy – like a cheap motel in Vegas. That was until I realized how deeply I craved constant eye contact with a partner. In a similar manner that dirty talk arouses my libido and my mind, eye contact with my partner also excites my animal passion.

Dita Von Teese - Eyes that captivate

Dita Von Teese – Eyes that captivate

Eye contact with a stranger can convey so many things; boldness/confidence, attraction, coyness, flirtyness or even “Come closer”… Many people cannot maintain eye contact because they lack confidence or they find it just too intense emotionally.

Eye contact with a partner can offer direct access to their mind and to their genitals. Over dinner, I like to silently stare intensely into the eyes of a women like a hungry wolf surveying his prey, knowing that my stare is making her eyes dilate, her nipples erect and her panties wet while making her squirm in her chair with unease. Knowing how to push the invisible buttons is most of the fun.

By maintaining eye contact with her alone and not noticing other beautiful women passing by in public conveys that you don’t desire other women and you deeply desire her alone. That is a very powerful emotional and sexual signal to most females.

As a couple, the silent signals we exchange through eye contact says so much about the strength of their connection as a couple even when apart – “It’s time to leave this party”, “Meet me in the powder room in 3 minutes”, “Come hither”, “Come fuck me”…

There is something deeply primal and deeply intimate about looking into the eyes of a partner during sex. It is like looking into their soul. That is a very powerful connection during a deeply intimate act. I want her to see how I am craving her and devouring her during the act of love making. I want to see every single facial expression as I devour her body. I want her to see my passion and desire for her. Most importantly, I want to be looking deep into her eyes at climax…

How does eye contact affect your libido?

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13 comments on “The Primal Power of Eye Contact

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  2. DominateSoul I love your writings. As a women, you express all the important aspects that we (woman) seek out in men. I’m blessed to have a male partner who is very like minded as you are, and the importance of sensuality. Looking forward to your next posting.


  3. My body reacts just how you describe if the right man maintains eye contact. My pulse races, my breathing quickens, I feel the pull from the connection. The only way it would be more powerful was if the eye connection was in a mirror while he tells me what he’s going to do to in my ear and watches my reaction to his words.


  4. I’ve recently begun a relationship with my first Master. In person he is very attentive, and I love the eye contact and his voice. However, when we’re apart and trying to keep things going via text and phone, he’s much more formal and not as affectionate as I would like. I’m not sure how to address this, or if he is just not right for me. I appreciate your articles and insight.


  5. If you fall on the Autism Spectrum Disorder spectrum, more than likely you cannot maintain eye contact. Many adults and children have no visible signs of ASD but the lack of eye contact. There are many people out there for various reasons (cultural or physical) do not maintain eye contact. In some cultures it’s used to challenge someone, male or female. I didn’t necessarily grow up in a family or culture with loads of eye contact. Eye contact might be easier for some than others.
    Eye contact personally I find… I think I’m an aural person. Even if I don’t see their face, I can detect in their voice what their expressing.


  6. I would like to ask you a question regarding being a dom.. what does it mean if a dom isnt being present ? like appearing but, still appearing within a session with a rebelluous submissive?


  7. But she abhors it when I look into her eyes. I have blindfolded her the last couple times, as it frees me to be more bold in my new dom role.

    However, after reading this I believe I will hold her gaze intentionally the next time. Tell her to look into my eyes. I’m certain that she will melt.


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