What Are Your Submissive Triggers?

Switching into “submissive mode”…

A former sub often told me that forcing her to her knees by her hair and forcing her to deepthroat my cock instantly puts her instantly into “submissive  mode”… It was the trigger for her to become incredibly sexually aroused and instantly submissive to my every desire. So, from that point onward, we always incorporate forced oral sex as part of our usual greeting ritual at the start of all our sessions to put her into the right submissive mindset and highly mentally aroused mindset.

Other examples of Submissive Triggers:

  • And for another sub, it was our tradition of a long, sensual & passionate kiss to greet each other.
  • For a another sub, it was my left hand sliding up her throat as I kissed my way up her neck then whispering in her ear what dirty plans I had for her that evening.
  • And for another sub, it was me pulling her head back roughly by her hair.
  • And for another sub, it was me growling “Who’s MY dirty little slut? or “My Good Girl”.
  • And for another sub, it was placing the collar/leash on her neck or breathing on her neck or kissing the back of her neck.
  • And for another sub, it was me praising her during oral sex by her full name.
  • And for another sub, it was being bent over and spanked really hard without mercy.
  • And for another sub, it was being forcefully bent over the edge of the bed taken roughly in the Doggie position without being asked or spoken to.

So, what are those “submissive triggers” which puts you instantly into “sub mode”?

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50 comments on “What Are Your Submissive Triggers?

  1. For me, standing close with silent eye contact, piece by piece undressing while each part revealed is studied and caressed, standing naked before him. Sometimes I am left to stand for what seems like an eternity, sometimes spanked, sometimes placed as he has decided I am to be. Then the verbal drection begins-generously laced with “good girl” But the domination and seduction begins hours before that ritual happens with mental imagery, allusions of his desires and what’s to come, any special requirements for preparation. I think I should probably add “writing about it” as another seduction trigger!


  2. Pushing me against the wall and taking whatever he wants. Or me kneeling naked before him at his feet, waiting, while he is still dressed. Oh and many names, pet being one of them.


  3. I must admit All Of The Above Trigger’s are quite Arousing to Me. I have begun to explore my role as a “Switch”. Thank You for all your posting’s, you have enabled me to discover many deep seeded desires that have been surfacing since I have been following your Awesome Blog Site. Thank you just doesn’t express my graditute for your writings.

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  4. My biggest trigger is simply his voice.. The things he says, and the way his tone changes during playtime in contrast to his everyday voice. Everything else listed effects me deeply, but that voice will put me in that mode every time. No matter where we are. Which can be difficult to put away when in public 🙂


      • Definitely.. When we’re not together, even his texts can do it when he uses the right words. I’d have to say that the 2 words which are my best triggers are “say it”. I purposely pause when asked a question just so I can hear those words.


  5. Any sexual advances without first establishing dominance just makes me horny and risks me letting out the more alpha female part of me. It is better for me if dominance is established before with the use of a pet name, a firm hand placed somewhere on me. I have yet to have a man establish a greeting ritual so I am not sure if that would resonate with me but if this were something that pleased him I would gladly try trusting that if he sensed it did not flip me to sub mode he would abandon that as a positive in our sexual encounters.

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  6. I think the mental foreplay is already such a turn-on for me as I am so incredibly attracted to men of higher intelligence. A man that can turn me my legs to jelly, get me dripping wet and squealing like a little girl just from the tone and command in is texts is just what I crave. It makes it even better when we do finally have a physical encounter. While quite a few of those triggers work for me, we have yet to find that special something for us.

    Really loving your work.


  7. I guess what gets me in the submissive mindset, is when Daddy stands behind me and while running his hands around my shoulders, grabs me hard and bites down on my shoulder or neck. Instantly makes me weak. From there on, I’m his do with whatever he wants. 🙂


  8. Sometimes he’ll hold my wrists above my head and I’ll submit but I don’t really enjoy that. other times hell use his hand and put 4 of His finger under my chin and use his thumb to gently stroke the side of my face. Gets me every time! I always end up purring softly! Once in a while He’ll push me against a wall in a public place and whisper in my ear that I have to follow him and I do when we get back to His place I always share a warm hug with his parents and we go back outside and He’ll count to 20 and I start running and we play tag. Our rules are if He catches me within a minute of finishing counting we fuck and if He doesn’t than I get to choose. He’ll trick me too by saying He’s hurt so Ill run over and then He tags me and says ‘Gotcha, Mel, your body is mine”

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  9. I’m obsessed with your blog. I want all these things, badly or most these things… I’m not sure that I like being called a slut. Bad girl and all that is fine but not slut, whore, cunt, ect. Also I don’t know if being called by my full name would do anything for me but maybe.
    But anyways what started as me feeling like id really like to be spanked and maybe slightly choked during sex has turned into me very badly wanting to be completely controlled sexually and maybe controlled in other aspects of my life by a man. One man. A strong able and most importantly intellectual man. Problem is I have yet to find anyone who is anything like what I want or need 😦
    Anyways I don’t really know what I’m blabbing on about I suppose it just feels nice to have a place to admit and talk about these things.
    I wanna say I really appreciate your blog. Its interesting and helpful and it turns me on all at the same time! Thank you much.


  10. Haven’t had any physical contact yet with my Dom. Dam. But from testing me he puts me into a submissive mode/trance just by voice and looking at me. I just want to hand him my hands and say take me I’m all yours. Pretty sad that’s all it takes, wonder if/when it ever becomes physical if that will change to a different cue?


  11. Mmm Im on such high alert so much of the time….a simple brushing by me or His scent OMG….but His voice….yep Im a goner! When He grabs my hair or bites me and says YOURE MINE while He growls poof Hes got me! Come to think of it ….He is my trigger….giggles.


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  13. I have yet to truly explore my own submissive triggers outside of my own mind but have found myself surprisingly enjoying being addressed as “my dirty little slut” recently. I think the thought of belonging to one person at that time is what was so arousing and allowed myself to enjoy being more sexually wild and open with that person which is usually very difficult for me. Was a great experience that I hope to find on a more regular basis one day.


  14. So many of the above gave me tingles but to be honest…it is His voice with THAT tone that instantly puts me on alert and drops me into that place., that and being called Little One. The Alpha female in me does enjoy the growl of warning because it’s that challenge to obey or be dealt with and there is nothing more arousing then going to your knee’s not because your told but because his energy put you there.


  15. Mine are the words of affection but reassurance I won’t be hurt. Since my past has some pretty traumatic sexual abuse, I need the understanding of course, but letting know in different moments that I still matter. If he is giving me kisses along my neck, teasing me, edging me, anything really and he is letting me know my importance to him FIRST, it’s easier for me to stay connected to the submissive I am and not disconnect as a way to protect myself. I think of the best times I have had is when a Dom has set out in the claiming that overcomes a Dominant. In his ravaging, he always let me know how cherished I was to him, even though he was using me as his toy. He never let me even momentarily think that the gift of my body to him was being taken for granted even though he was merciless.
    That was a very fine line he danced along but it was truly an amazing experience.


  16. i love being called my Sir’s “good girl” and imagining Him wrapping His arms around me, kissing my neck or stroking my hair. We are in a LDR so we haven’t actually met but He has hypnotised me a lot.


  17. My biggest trigger is acting like a bad girl so he so he spanks me until I obey him.

    I exist to serve him he knows but I have to be a little defiant bad girl.

    I love when he holds me down by my hair and whispers…Are you ready to be a good girl now?

    I tell him No Sir and he becomes more aggressive.


  18. Yikes… How have I not come across your blog before!!
    There are a few ‘triggers’ that bring me straight into sub mode:
    • Being called any degrading name…
    • “Bad girl” more than “Good girl” but both work in the right context lol.
    • Hearing his stern voice and tone change when acting up. This normally results in me acting up just so I can hear it whoopsies!


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  20. I do share some of those triggers myself… When I’m being called ” Good girl”, ” (his) little slut / little sub”… Or when he tells me “No.”. When I ask for something and he denies me and I can feel him taking control…. Hot. His words have a huge effect on me, I can cum listening or reading him.


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