Wanted: Ultra – Feminine Vixen…

A reader recently asked me what turns me on as a Dom. She wanted to learn how to be a better submissive for her Dom. This was my response…

To clarify, my submissives are not quiet, shy, meek or subservient. My subs are strong, confident, vivacious and bold women. They are classy, elegant, intelligent women in public and they are insatiable whores just for me in private. I crave that secret public/private contradiction shared only between us.

What turns me on most is hearing my submissive talking dirty about their filthiest fantasies or expressing their sluttiest desires loudly and inhibitedly. I want her to be the most uninhibited and insatiable sexual vixen possible. I want to her to use her eyes, lips, body and mind to seduce my mind and body blatantly. I want her to dress sexy and suggestive just me to show off all her feminine assets. I want her to turn heads in public. I want her to make other men drool over her and to make me so proud she is mine as a man. I want her to arouse my mind intensely by being bold, naughty, bratty, uninhibited and unpredictable in her sexual hunger. I want her to unleash the sexual beast within me so I can devour her as a highly aroused wild animal. Only then I am truly content and satisfied as a Dom.

  • Daddy, please fuck my ass. Make me your anal whore tonight. Being used anally makes me feel so owned by you.
  • Daddy, cum on my face. Mark me with your cumload as your filthy whore.
  • Daddy, I want you to fill all my holes tonight with your cum so I leave knowing you own my body completely. I want to feel you for days.
  • Daddy, I want to suck your cock in the elevator.
  • Daddy, I am not wearing panties under my dress tonight. In my purse, I have my dildo. I am going to slowly fuck my pussy with my toy all the way the restaurant so you know I am ready for you eager fingers in public.
  • Daddy, I am going to come to your office wearing only high heels, black sheer stockings, a sheer bra and a trench coat. I am going to remove my coat then drop to my knees to suck your cock. Once you are hard, I am going spread my legs on your desk so you can fill me with your cumload. Then I am going to leave with your cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs…
  • Daddy, I want you to dress me as a French maid for your Superbowl party then have all your male friends fuck me at half-time… I want all your friends to be jealous of your whore.
  • Daddy, I want to have 2-3 hard cocks at once. I want to be the slutty center of lots of male sexual desire. I want multiple holes filled with hard, throbbing cocks at once so you see what a hard working slut I am for my Daddy. I want to to make you proud of your nasty slut. I want everyone to know you have sluttiest vixen of all.


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