Alpha Female & Submissive Vixen: Two Sides of One Coin…

Are You An Alpha Submissive?

In my experience, Alpha Females and submissive vixens are often two sides of the same strong woman: one public side, one private side. I have discovered that many women who are Alpha Females professionally by day (Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Supermoms) often crave to be submissive vixens in the bedroom.

Such a Good Girl...

Such a Good Girl…

To be clear, I am NOT saying that ALL Alpha Females are also submissives. I am saying there seems to be a specific psychological profile which makes Alpha Female/submissive a common archetype among women. I refer to these women as “Feminist Contradictions”- Successful, strong, independent women publicly who crave to be highly feminine & highly sexually submissive privately. I describe them as “Feminist Contradictions” because most men view them as a confusing persona/sexual contradiction that most men cannot comprehend or decipher. In reality, they are Alpha Females/Submissive or Alpha submissives – a submissive female to only one Alpha male while being dominant over all others.

Many women are submissive by choice or by natural yearning. Alpha submissives crave to relinquish control to a strong, confident Dom by nature as part of their need for mental & sexual escape from their everyday in control persona. Not being in control is a relief from constant decision making / being in charge during their busy, stressful daily lives. I believe most people don’t understand that submission is partially an act of escapism from their own public personas.

Alpha Females are by nature an incredible package of qualities and abilities: Self-confidence, Intelligence, Success, Wealth, and Style. Most men cannot handle being with a woman like that. They either feel inadequate as men or they feel uncomfortable never being the center of attention. It takes real confidence as a man to be with an Alpha Female.

It is also why these Alpha submissives can only be attracted to strong, powerful, confident Alpha Male. Weak, meek men do not attract them. Often submissive men misinterpret the public Alpha Female persona as these Alpha submissive females’ sexual persona. Men misread these women thus wanting these Alpha subs to dominate them sexually in private – complete incompatibility. A strong decisive, confident man truly arouses their feminine senses. An Alpha submissive can only submit to a man she feels is even more confident and Dominant than her public persona – respect and trust are key requirements.

Unfortunately, Alpha submissives often cannot discern between Dominant men and Domineering men in their relationships.

What confuses most men is there is a contradiction in behavior that these women want from their male partners: Gentleman in public, Caveman in the bedroom. Men are quite simple creatures really. Most men think if women want a polite, considerate gentleman in public, they must want a polite, considerate gentleman in the bedroom too. Secondly, society & feminism has robbed many men of their natural baser instincts. Being a good husband/father by society’s standards has feminized many men into minivan driving, cargo shorts wearing drones of suburbia. So for a Alpha submissive to find a man who is very self-confident and encouraging/supporting of her career while being sexually Dominant in the bedroom is no simple task.

One of the most consistent way I have found to identify Alpha submissive females in public or on a date is they often say , “I intimidate most men I meet”. To confirm my initial suspicions, I often make a bold flirtatious statement during our conversation and then gauge her reaction to a statement such as. “Yes, but even good girls need a good spanking on occasion”. Her inner vixen will naturally reveal itself. By being bold and seizing what you desire sexually in private from this kind of Alpha Female, it is a sure-fire recipe of turning her into her naughty submissive vixen alter ego. It instantly turns on every single Alpha sub I have ever been with.

For example: Two years ago I dated a sexy, petite, highly successful female divorce lawyer who told me during our first meeting for cocktails, she intimidates most men she meets (my big hint about who she really was). I openly laughed at the idea which annoyed her a little. I smiled and said, ‘You are 5’ 1″ and 110 lbs. soaking wet, what’s so scary about you?”. We had intense sexual chemistry every time we met for dinner. Her incredibly sensual & passionate sensual kisses left few doubts in my mind about her true emotions for me but we had agreed to try to go slow to get to know each other first before being intimate with each other – No sex until after 5 dates was the plan.

On our fourth date we had gone to a lovely Christmas party with her friends and afterwards we went back to her house. While we kissed passionately in her foyer, When I slowly slid my left hand onto her throat and I kissed my way up her neck then whispered in her ear what I plan to do to her. I felt her entire body go limp in my arms. I told her I knew instantly who she really was sexually then her eyes grew really wide. She immediately took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I slowly unzipped her dress and lovingly kissed and caressed her exposed body which gave her goose bumps everywhere. She looked stunning in just black push-up bra and sheer black panties.

She pretended to play shy or coy when I tried to remove her bra… So I gently placed my left hand softly on her throat again, turned her face down on the bed and ripped down her panties to expose her ass. I then command her to count out loud to 10 as I spanked her ass harshly with each number she spoke. When I was finished spanking her, I said in a deep, slow commanding voice, “Who is my dirty little slut?” She said sheepishly, “I am”. “Do you give your body, mind and soul to me to do as I desire?”… “I do”… After that, it was all systems go for a wild night of passion together…

What I did in the bedroom completely blew her mind… She was so incredibly turned on by being just taken without any warning and without being asked. She could not stop talking about how turned on she was by the experience. She had craved to be dominated for years but most men are either too intimidated by her as an Alpha Female, too meek or too gentlemanly/polite to make such a bold move in private.

With experience and maturity, you can see both the forest and the trees in life and everything becomes much clearer. Alpha subs want a classy gentleman in public who makes them feels beautiful, sexy and cherished but they also want a strong, confident, decisive, highly sexually Dominant Alpha Male who will devour them as feminine sexual beings in private…

Weak Doms & Vanilla Males:
I suspect that you have notice that many vanilla males want you to dominate them sexually and many Doms tell you that you are not really submissive because of your strong, confident energy that won’t be intimidated by mere macho puffery. Neither of these groups of men recognize you as a contradiction of two different women in one. They are also insufficiently strong and confident for you. You need an Alpha male who is stronger than you that you are willing to follow and submit to his lead.

Please comment or “Like” or “Share” this article… If this article raises questions in your mind, please post a comment. I look forward to discussing these ideas with like-minded people. If you want to stay informed of future writings, please subscribe to email alerts or twitter.


169 comments on “Alpha Female & Submissive Vixen: Two Sides of One Coin…

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      • Thanks! I’ve got another question, are people normally more inclined to one or the other or both equally? I think I’m naturally more aggressive, but the appeal of being dominated is higher.


        • I believe that depends more on the interaction with your partner than on tendencies you,,, You may have a very Dom male who you crave to be a sub for or your sexual energy makes your partner want to be controlled and driven by you… DS


  2. I am just having a feast on your site…I identify with so much here. Usually it’s the subbie blogs I identify with. Thank for all this formative information .

    Gem 🙂


  3. It is thank you. I have enjoyed every article so far. I will read some more today when I have some free time. I write myself, but am not very inspired at the moment. I am hoping it will come if I keep reading, but perhaps I just need a break from it. . . .


  4. In the last several years I have consistently looked for men who are (or should be) difficult for me to intimidate. Military, police, firemen, body builders…you name it. In almost every case I could and did intimidate them, I would push them, I’d make bets in the bedroom that he couldn’t pin me. Of course, I got pinned (I’m also small), but the sex was always driven by me. This annoyed some, and frustrated others. My hope was that one of these guys would be a MAN in the bedroom and simply take over. On the other hand, I had an irrational fear of anyone who called himself a Dom, because there was NO way I was going to enter into a relationship pretending to be a sub, when clearly I am an alpha female…so even I was a bit confused by all this.
    Your post brought much clarity at a time when many things are unfolding in my life with an experienced sensual Dom. Yes, I still resist some of the ideas I’ve seen on fetlife, but he has his own style and is tailoring it for me specifically. He is in control, and I will do as I am told, but afterwards, if something was confusing, or brought up some painful issue from my past, he soothes me, comforts me, and will move on to something new at another time.
    Your post was perfectly written and I definitely identified with it. My only fear is that one day I will lose this dear man-the only one who seemed to figure me out- and I will be ever changed.
    Both of you seem to be few and far between.
    Thank you for the time and effort you took to write this.


    • I m glad my article resonated with you so deeply.

      You are right – Finding a Sensual Dom is currently rare, as is finding a Alpha Female who is submissive… However, this time I have my ways of identifying Alpha Female and seducing their submissive sides… I look for women who tell me they intimidate most men… Then I tell them they don’t intimidate me… That opens up the conversation in a new directions…

      You will also learn to develop different ways to identify Sensual Dominants…



  5. Very well written. I’ve been searching for a good primer to send someone to help explain my particular psychological makeup and this hits on most if not all points in an eloquent and clear manner. Most articles and explanations are either centered on full time submissive mindsets and/or do not fully comprehend what an “Alpha Submissive” mindset is about. My sincere thanks for taking the time to write this.
    As a side note: I’ve found that although many men get initially attracted to the idea of having control this tends to end up being a superficial excitement rather than an inherent quality. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


    • Deitamake,

      You ask a great question… I cannot speak for all men, only for myself.

      Some Alpha women are viewed a novel challenge by some men… After the initial challenge is not easily overcome, they merely quit or move on.

      It is not passing fancy for me. It is whom I am deeply drawn to. I absolutely love, adore and are sexually drawn to strong, confident, sexy, smart, stylish, eloquent women of substance. With this package of qualities comes significant intellect, confidence and great complexity. For some men, this poses a great deal of work and they find it draining.

      For me, I find the complexity, the intellect and the many layers like a puzzle I will never be able to solve which continues to challenge and inspire me every day in new ways… The puzzle I cannot solve keeps me permanently engaged and intrigued.

      In the end, it is all about one’s perspective of the situation. Some men may view a woman of such complexity as “too much work”, whereas I find a woman who is that complex, smart that most men would find too intimidating to approach and too much of a challenges as the perfect fit for me as a man. To me, she is the ultimate kind of prize – a pinnacle so few men could ever achieve….

      It has taken me many many years to understand who I am as a man and who I need as a partner. In the end I need an equal. I have found that the woman I need at my side is truly a Alpha submissive who I am completely devoted to in a monogamous relationship… I would then give her a safe and devoted place in the world to be the immensely feminine and uninhibited sexual being she is at the core..only for me to see and share. Who she is sexually is my most sacred secret I must hold dear and protect with my life and devotion…

      It only took 40+ years for me as a man to figure it all out and put all the pieces back together…. I hope this helps you understand. I hope this helps…



      • Thank you for such an indepth response. It has indeed helped quite a bit. I especially would also like to thank you for taking the time and writing such a bredth of personal experience on the subject of Sensual Domination and in this case Dominant submissives. I believe the more men out there who can better understand and differentiate their feelings of dominance and control the better we (as Dominant submissives) fare in the long run 🙂 Many heartfelt thanks.


      • Thank you for this blog & for your response. I truly connected and identified with your description of the “alpha submissive” and what she truly wants. Thank you for giving me a “term” to use to describe who I am. I think this will only help me guide me on my journey to find a devoted, monogamous relationship with a dom. Do you have any advice on how to find/where to find dom’s looking for alpha subs? (i.e. dating websites, events, etc). Is it too forward to put “alpha sub” in my match profile?


  6. You nailed it! Until reading your article I never knew the “term” for what I am. Up until the last few months I’ve been very frustrated with life and with my partners. I’ve gotten used to being told I’m intimidating as hell, that’s nothing compared some of the unpleasant things I’ve been called over the years. But it’s always been the hurtful things I’ve been told (you’re warped, twisted, broken, damaged, and “you need serious help” to mention a few) which truly stung and kept me miserable and questioning my sanity for years. Each painful comment from my longtime husband was intended to curb my behavior and end my requests for greater intimacy and exploration. The yearnings never diminished and I lived a suppressed life until I encountered my first male dom. It stirred something deep inside me and opened a world of wonder which I have greatly enjoyed.
    Weak Doms have come along, and gone away completely perplexed by what’s truly going on with me…but even they have been good learning experiences for me.
    I recently found a sensual Dom, talk about a glorious awakening! He understood me from the beginning and found triggers that work like a charm… need has taken over and I anxiously await our next encounter.
    Thanks to your article I can now do more research and I understand I am not alone and albeit rare, not broken in any way. Just in need of another rare creature who is capable of appreciating everything I am.


    • Hi there,

      I felt that I should speak up here and say one thing mainly: You are not broken, twisted, warped or damaged. And the only serious help you need is from a Sensual Dom who knows what you need. There are quite a few women replying on this post and I for one am ecstatic to see that I really am not alone in my behavior. Enjoy who you are and the strength it takes to be who you really are….as well as have some epic sessions! You deserve it!


  7. Yes, you certainly did nail it. I recently met a strong dominant, and whoa! It is such a pleasure to be submissive to a man like that. Really, every part of your article spoke to me. I should make this my “go-to ” article when a guy wants to know a little something about me:)


  8. I love this blog. I have recently been trying to figure some things out in my head and finally have a lot of answers I’ve been searching for. Puts things in perspective. This is so dead on for me, thank you!


  9. Hi there,

    I am quite pleased I ran across your postings. I have always thought I was just a defective switch actually. Recently I decided I wanted to get re-involved with the D/s scene where I live and possibly find a Dom that could handle me as I am incredibly outgoing and almost always in control at social gatherings but the minute I am collared I find myself in need of a firm, but controlled hand. I have managed to find such a man, and in the last place any woman usually looks. He and I have been friends for 13 years, but although we ran in some of the same social circles, we never had much inclination to think that we would be compatible. He is generally the opposite of what I would go for, and according to him, he assumed, like most me, that I was a Dom myself.

    He has always been into some kink, but never actually explored the details so when we started talking about our very new relationship and I brought up him possibly being my Master if we were compatible enough, we decided research was in order. Your site has helped us more than you know.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, it is greatly appreciated.


  10. I have always known that something was missing in the bedroom. Recently, I discovered I am submissive in the bedroom, but only in the bedroom. This poses a problem since I’m married and my husband is very much not dominant. I love this about him in every way, except the bedroom. I have been having problems trying to explain this to him. I think you nailed it. Thanks

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  11. This REALLY resonates with me. Thank you. I don’t consider myself a true submissive (in the D/s sense) but I definitely like to be with someone who is dominant in the bedroom. I am a typical Alpha Female, as you describe, and am very frustrated when I meet weak men who I intimidate.

    Thank you. xo


  12. Good Evening,
    This is absolutely brilliantly written. I have Google searched for information. Asked a few people whom I met in a local BDSM group that I joined and no one thus far has presented such an informative view.

    I am a fairly novice submissive looking to gain all I can from intelligent like-minded individuals.

    In reading a couple of your articles, my mind is doing a happy dance from the vast amount of information presented from your point of view.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

    All the best


  13. Hello DominantSoul

    I very much enjoyed and relate to your article. I’m an alpha submissive. Late in life to figure this out because of the apparent contradictions to my character. But I figured out that it isn’t contradiction, it’s balance, my ying and yang. I’m not middle of the road anything. Work and household I am completely in control. Sexually and relationship wise, I like to be controlled. On one side I take a strong “masculine” role, the other, decidedly feminine.

    And you’re right. Finding the right Dom has proven difficult, but settling isn’t my style. I could never submit to someone I outman. But for the right one, I could be blissful in a total power exchange.


  14. Oh wow, I can only add more praise for this post… thank you. Can you maybe say something about how many dominant men you believe are actually aware of this archetype? Or even looking for someone like this?



    • I suspect very few “Dominant” men are aware of Alpha submissives. Most Doms will conclude that an Alpha submissive is “NOT really submissive” when they are rejected. Most men claiming to be Dominant cannot seduce an Alpha submissive with their inner strength and their minds. That requires a man who is the equal of the Alpha submissive. An Alpha submissive female will select the man she is willing to submit to and reject all others.


  15. Great site. One comment and one question:

    1. If you ask any dominatrix, they already know well this contradiction – from the male side. Their best clients tend to be CEOs, public leaders, and other high-profile individuals that have a high level of responsibility and stress. These clients fantasize of being in a sub position as an escape – they can completely surrender, have no responsibility, and are told exactly what to do. It is truly what they fantasize about.

    Having said that, if you believe the work of individuals like David Deida, women in general are hard-wired to want that polarity (or sexual charge) related to a male bringing his full presence while the female surrenders fully to that effort. So as much as a woman might be a hard-charger/go-getter and hang with alpha-men in a professional setting, you can’t change that underlying hard-wiring – a woman wants to be ravished.

    2. Question – While this site is great, I am wondering if anyone has come across other blogs, books, etc. that can further my exploration on this great topic.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


  16. Such a well written piece which resonated deeply – I was so fed up of choosing badly and intimidating men I thought I was broken and was single for for or less 20 years…This article gave me the answers to so many questions I had about myself. I have recently met a Dom on line who has agreed to let me be his sub. It’s been quite a journey so far but this article makes me believe I am absolutely doing the right thing. Thank you so much. I adore your site. Have you thought of writing a book?


  17. Just wondering if you might know of any good sites for a person to locate a legitimate Dom. I have found (through conversation) that most men who say the are a master dominant are really just into slave/rough sex and don’t really understand the psychology behind it. Honestly as a woman it is whole lot harder than you would think to find this elusive person. I have never in my life met one in in the flesh.

    In light of 50 shades of grey there is more openness about this desire however, the internet is now rampant with phonies and trolls. Any suggestions?


  18. I have long tried to put this feeling into words. You have really stated it so clearly and I love the term alpha submissive. It really covers the fact that we have to sometimes have a public face that is separate from our private face.


  19. So your article is amazing and truly speaks to me as an alpha submissive. I love how you are able to identify her by asking a simple question or two however, I was wondering if you had any pointers as to how to identify an alpha male strong enough to take one on. I’ll admit that I’m young, early twenties, but I’ve only ever found one guy man enough for me and we are now a great distance apart. Dating and finding a suitable match had been a horrendous feat ever since. Men my age are all so insecure and LAZY but I’ve even tried men nearly 10 years my senior only to find that they were polite in public ( yay!) but also too polite in private. How do I go about identifying such a dominant male and how could I go about locating one?


    • How do you find a Alpha Male Sensual Dom??? Setup a profile on with the following headline “Alpha Female seeks a Alpha Male who can tame her”… Add happy, sexy photos in dresses, etc. VOILA!


  20. I am an Alpha woman who aspires to submit more regularly to my Husband. However, He is not a “strong, powerful, confident Alpha Male” but more a Beta male who knows what he wants and how to get it. He is far from “weak/meek” just because he is not Alpha. Command has many facets but you, OP, still have yet to discover the difference from domineering and dominant personalities.

    To suggest men can ONLY be Alpha to be dominate is ignorant and short-sighted. There are PLENTY of Beta males who are sexually commanding just as there are as many alpha males who desire to submit to Women. Fuck you, OP, and your limited experience in partners. Your sexism is showing and it is ugly.

    Also, OP, your insistence of using the phrase, “by nature” is fucked up. There is this proven thing called Spectrum. Spectrum of gender, personality, orientation, identity, etc. Your use of “by nature” is limited and is disqualifying those of us IN the spectrum of human being and therefore creating a better than/less than scenario to your vernacular. Those types of limiting thoughts and behaviors is as ugly as your sexism.

    Expand your awareness, OP.


    • Clearly, you are entitled to your opinion. You seem to feel I am attacking your meek husband. My experience is quite the contrary to your opinion. Let’s agree to disagree.


  21. This was written by a man!? Wow is he dead on! I’ve been telling guys that I date that I am quite dominant and aggressive in my day to day life I like to lead, I am outgoing, I am aggressive and assertive and like to argue but in the bedroom to balance things out and to feel more feminine I get real submissive and turned on when a guy tells me what to do and how to please him and submit all of me to him. I truly identified with everything you wrote in your article now I can say that I am an Alpha Sub female!


  22. I’ve been trying to identify what type of submissive I am and I didn’t get it until i read this! This is so helpful because people tend to ask me what type of sub I am and I have such a hard time explaining it. Slave? nope! Baby girl/little? Definitely not… This makes so much sense!

    I actually get approached by male subs/slaves that want me to dominate them thinking I’m a Domme or switch.

    I do have a few issues with the fact that you said we look for stronger dominants. Being submissive doesn’t make me weaker. In fact, submission makes me strong and focused and centered because being in subspace helps me relax. I do look for the most alpha doms because I view them as equals and then i can submit to them, not because i view them as stronger. I find it easier to trust them to channel my strength in a good way while increasing pleasure for both of us


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  24. Hmm a sub with a strong personality is just a sub with common since. Sounds just like any sub I know. No sub is weak. We are all strong & don’t take shit from people that are not our doms.


  25. I’ve been looking for something that describes me and had to create an account just to say, this is me exactly. I don’t know if I’m a submissive in the fullest sense of the world, but the way I crave a man who dominates me in the bedroom, but let’s me lead, as I do, generally out of the bedroom really resonates. No wonder my relationships don’t work… Thank you for this post. Now I just need to find my dominant man …!


  26. I have recently met a sub and discovered why my sex life has been so unfulfilling. Your insight and ability to convey your knowledge is exceptional. To someone like me , who you correctly identify, that has been moulded by societies norms the thought of dominating a woman in such a way was abhorrent. However, you and the sub I have met make me realise that if consensual it is who we are. I will continue to read and learn. Thank you.


  27. I read a book about just this! It is called Warrior Princess Submissive – Michael Makai wrote it. It is so nice to read descriptions like thing from MEN! I am one of those women you guys describe so aptly! Love it!


  28. Thank you very much for your article. This describes me to perfection! I can’t count how many times, I have said that I intimidate most men. And when I read your reply that you would say, “Yes, but even good girls need a good spanking on occasion”, my immediate reaction was; I smiled, was aroused & blushed and said out loud, “Oh yes I agree”

    It is rare to agree with everything in an article, but for this one you hit the nail on the head about IT ALL. I have only recently discovered my sexuality and I am so enjoying the journey.

    Thank you again!


  29. UGGGGGHHHHHHHH! My Sir has tried every gentle thing He can to make me submissive, and pain isn’t an option for Him. Even me yelping freaks Him out enough to apologize. I want to be submissive and at school I am but when it comes to privacy I’m defiant as hell. Any advice to make me more submissive?


  30. This is actually the way I am … I’m very Alpha as a female and I said this to my previous Master when we first met as friends. I told him “most man can’t handle me because I have a very domineering and intimidating personality.”

    He told me I’d be surprised at how much patience he would have with me. Unfortunately, because I’m … I’ll say more dominate … I guess(I say guess because I’m still fairly new in the lifestyle) we were both equally matched as Alphas since he is type A Alpha personality wise … We just clashed really bad. And we had a falling out. It’s been almost a week since he and I haven’t talked, but we did decide to discuss what happened.

    Anyway, this article really helped me, however I don’t know if I can 100% trust anyone with that small part of me that’s still submissive and still is somewhat intact. Or maybe I might not be submissive at all. It’s one thing to entertain an idea is another for me to fully be able to let go of all control and I’m finding it really difficult to do so.


  31. Thank for people able to put into words how I have always felt. I am currently getting to know a Dom through email and I have felt that I have been inadequate in explaining how I feel. You explained me to a tee, I have always tried to tempt partners to be an animal in bed and do with me as they will but they have not been able to for fear of hurting me. I am a lady outside the bedroom behind closed doors I desire to be a super vixen and submit my will and body to a worthy man. Thank you


  32. I just need to bookmark this and have any potential Daddy read it. So many Doms/ DD’s don’t get this. I think most of the time they are waiting for me to try and become the dominant and of course that sets off my instinct (I’m very in tune with my nature and if a person shows any prey behavior I will become the predator) and I blaze over them. It’s not that they lack confidence in themselves, it’s that they always wonder if I’m playing at submission as opposed to being submissive, lack of confidence in me. To me, they should never even consider that possibility they should simply assume and maintain dominance.

    I totally get what a balancing act it is for the DD with what I call a “Warrior Princess Babygirl”, but I have hope that there is one out there that meets the requirements.

    Great job on the article!


    • I have had several submissive on FetLife place a link to this article directly in their online profiles so every Dom contacting them clearly understands the key requirements and understand the insights required. … Something to consider.


      • My dom would agree with you. so would my friends doms…. My besties are majoring in Art (Marey’s her name) and Music (Kenna) all our doms are best bros and they talk about the sessions they’ve had with us and they all agree me and my dom are the best… All his commands are fairly easy but make me feel needed and loved ❤


  33. OMG…This is me! Thank You. I have been told too many times that I’m not a “true” submissive. I get tired of explaining that I only submit to the one who is my Dom and not to the world.


  34. Great article. I am exploring the realm of BDSM and D/s and articles/blogs such as yours are very helpful. I could relate to the alpha submissive female however not sure if I would label myself as one. I am demure and introverted. I am self employed and do contract work in the social service field. I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life but enjoy taking what I have learned about myself to help others. However it is emotionally exhausting. I have to keep my anxiety and depression in check so I can mentally be in a place to help others. I’m periodically getting therapy for myself so I can keep improving how I manage the constant thoughts and emotions churning in my head. It’s just so appealing to let go and have someone else take control and be so attuned with me that they know what I need. Also I turned 40 recently and I would say that I have a lot more self acceptance and have entered into a sexual awakening. So having someone to explore my sexuality with me is very important.


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