In Praise of a Curvy Goddess

She was standing before me naked in her high heels and wearing only my collar and wrist/ankle restraints. I first blindfolded her to make every sensation amplified in her mind. Then I slowly rubbed baby oil over every inch of her curvy body until she glistened in the candlelight. I deliberately avoided all erogenous areas until the very end to make her body yearn for sexual stimulation. I wanted every nerve in her body tingling and hyper-sensitive. I then spent I spent 30 minute slowly massaging her gorgeous full breasts until her nippples were hard as pencil erasers and her legs were trembling. Hearing her moan and seeing her squirm as I worshipped her stunning breasts was the most beautiful reward. Then I drowned her juicy ass cheeks and pussy with baby oil until they were soaked and my hands glided over her most sensitive areas with almost no friction. I could hear her gasping every time my hand past over her clit, between her swollen pussy lip then between her meaty ass cheeks then back… Now that she was properly prepared mentally and physically, I secured her wrist to the top of her closet door and spread her legs apart with a spreader bar attached to her ankle restraints. Without warning, I spanked her juicy ass with my paddle. She jumped and screamed with the sudden change of pace. I repeated spanked her ass until her ass was a beautiful bright red and she was trembling. Now her entire nervous system was on full alert and lit up light a Christmas tree. It was time for the final chapter. I placed her wand vibe on her pussy lips below her clit and generously lubed up her graduated glass dildo. As she started to moan and gyrate with the sensations of the vibe on her clit, I began to slowly fuck her ass with the glass dildo. Because she was standing upright, the glass vibe was consistently stroking her G-spot… In no time, she was moaning loudly as she began to shake uncontrollably. Knowing that she was close to cumming and squirting, I demanded she ask permission to cum while I increased the intensity of the wand vibe and began to fuck her ass much faster. I watched as her legs and tummy tensed in a futile attempt to control her growing orgasms. Her requests to be allowed to cum became much more desperate then suddenly she gushed like a flood gate opening, soaking her thighs and creating a large pool of squirt juices on the floor between her legs. I did not stop my onslaught on her high-aroused body. I wanted to milk every single orgasm from her gorgeous body. Soon she was was squirting and squirting and squirting without stopping… I watched carefully to see when her legs began to shake uncontrollably as the signal that she could no longer control her body to support herself standing. I quickly stopped and released her limp body from the closet door and laid carefully her on the bed. I gently stroked her soft skin and kissed her as I held her trembling, quaking body in my arms until she fell asleep… Such a “Good Girl”…

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10 comments on “In Praise of a Curvy Goddess

  1. Another fine example of the quality of life this lifestyle offers. Well written and wonderful playtime ideas will come from this…wink I love to leave your articles open on the laptop so my Sir finds. Then I love hearing, so let me read what’s interesting my baby now. And there will be ok, yes, and other positives, then the smile at the end of reading…..IS PRICELES


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