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Arouse the Mind First, Then The Body Follows Eagerly…

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I absolutely DON’T have the time to tutor or mentor individuals 1-on-1 online. It is why I spent years writing this blog – So thousands of people could teach themselves online about Sensual Domination from my knowledge, insights and years of experience.

Read, try, fail, read more, try again, improve… This is the learning process. I cannot be your personal shortcut for the learning process!

However, I am always happy to answer the questions of my readers about my articles.



Fetlife: @DominantSoul64
Twitter: @DominantSoul64

Instagram:@DominantSoul1964 (New Account)

4 comments on “Contact Information:

  1. Hello. I commented on one of your many amazing posts months ago, in October I believe. I was asking how to find a Dom online and not only were you nice enough to respond, your advice worked. I wrote exactly what you told me to on my profile and shorty after that I met the most amazing guy ever, in the whole world of all time ever! Lol! To be clear I was contacted by many guys before that and after too. But I didn’t meet anyone who didn’t creep me out or bore me until I took your advice. And when we began speaking I knew immediately that he was everything I could possibly ever want or need. I like to think I’m really good at picking up vibes on people me so far I’ve been exactly right about this. Me and him began speaking in late October but we’ve been taking things very slow and are very much in the beginning stages of this relationship, though I am completely utterly obsessed with him and entirely consumed by thoughts of him, and this is exactly what I wanted and I f*cking love it!!! And him!!! And life right now!!!!
    I’m suppose to see him early next week and it’s all I can think about, cuz what else? ya know, and while at work I was googling “how to please your dom” and “how to show gratitude for your dom” and things like that when your blog came up and it reminded me about when I visited your site and sought advice from you back in October. It’s been awhile since I’ve googled something like that because he once told me if I wanted to know something like that I could just ask him, and I do, but I already text him a lot of nonsense and he’s busy working during the week and most of the time my questions seem silly so sometimes I gotta rely on my old pal Google. Which I’m very glad I did today because it brought me back to your great great wonderful super awesome super informative and helpful site. And so I would really like to say thanks for the help, the advice, and all the knowledge you share here. I really don’t know where I would be in life without having met (I’ll call him S), and I have you to thank for that. Who knows if he would have found or messaged me if I hadn’t taken your advice, and I surely wasn’t messaging anyone first. So thank you times a million! And I know I started this comment to say thanks but mostly I just went on and on about myself and my relationship lol, that’s so like me, but I don’t have anywhere else to talk about this stuff and for that too I thank you! You’re super great! Keep up the great work! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been so so sooo positively affected by this work you are sharing, so yeah thanks a bunch!!!! You’re just the coolest!!!

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