What Makes a Great Naughty Vixen?

I love love love love love love love a highly sexual woman but I don’t really like the words “slut” or “whore”: I find them mean, derogatory and demeaning toward women for being exactly what I most crave and desire. I much prefer the term “naughty vixen” because it conveys a playful, bold, exuberant, flirtatious and highly sexual nature of a seductive woman…
For me, the “naughty vixen” formula is truly driven by a few key factors:

Come Hither...

1) The art of seduction: The mind is our largest sex organ and the flirtation is the seduction of the mind. The ability to seduce the mind to crave more, to come closer or want to see more with a slow sexy crossing of the legs, flipping your hair, licking your lips, a lingering come hither” glance or naughty “Come-Fuck-Me” smile… That is art of erotic burlesque of seduction…

2) Lost in the moment: A women who is wildly uninhibited and completely lost in the moment during sex is so damn hot. Not everyone can forget the bills, the chores, the kids and the neighbours to be sexually free. It is why sex/relationship experts recommend couples go away from home to recharge their romance. Uninhibited passion is a huge turn-on

3) Lust in her eyes: A woman who looks at me with real lust in her eye brings out the animal in me. Her eyes are where I connect emotionally to a partner during sex. Sexy, flirting eyes can inspire the lustful animal in me.

4) Spontaneity inspires passion: A woman who can live in the moment and go with the flow. Ideally she is throwing gas onto the fire. Like pulling me into the washroom for a quicky at your best friend dinner party or a clandestine blowjob in the public park while out for a walk… Unpredictable sexuality is very hot and is very inspiring in terms of intense passion.

5) Inspiring Passion: A woman who know what turns you and then deliberates schemes to blow my mind such

Come Hither...

as dressing up as a naughty schoolgirl for dinner or setting up a roleplay (interview of sexy secretary) or showing up late at my office naked except for heels, a slave collar and a fur coat. For example: A former partner once tied me to a livingroom chair naked then opened the bedroom door for her sexy GF to come out in CFM heels and black sheer lingerie. They had the hottest girl-on-girl action live in front of me but I was forced to only watch for an hour…initially. It was delicious sexual torture – My cock was rock hard the whole time watching them… And she could see exactly how turned on she was making me….

6) Playful, Flirty, Disrespectful Brat: I love a smart playful woman who knows how to grab my attention and evoke an powerful animal response from me. A woman who knows how to demand my attention by deliberately misbehaving or mildly disrespecting me as her Dom. That will instantly evokes a powerful primal animal response from me to immediately discipline her and then devour her body like a sexual animal.

7) Nasty is so incredibly Hot: A woman who will do a nasty “porn act” during sex just to blow her partner’s mind really is naughty. I had a very bold partner who once took my entire cumload in her mouth after a very slow sexy BJ in the gazebo at a pool party then turned and dribble my cumload into the open mouth of her GF who watched us the entire time, then they made out! OMG, that was so hot and so nasty!

In the end it comes down to confidence, creativity and playful deviousness to want to inspire and excite a partner to the point of blowing their mind… Thats a GREAT naughty vixen in my books…


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